The Club’s History

Before the climate changes of the later years of the twentieth century, curling was a popular activity on Loch Libo during suitably hard winter frosts, with the last Grand Match taking place on the Loch in 1974.

Curling on Loch Libo

Uplawmoor Curling Club was established in 1869 and initially held its meetings at the Inn. As well as Loch Libo they occasionally curled on the Caplaw Dam at the Peesweep when the ice was thick enough. A layer of at least four inches was required. There were evening sessions by lamplight with whisky galore and a good time had by all.

Both these locations were used until curling was established at the indoor rink at Greenacres in 1979. Complete Club records have been kept since 1995 when gold and silver medals, presented by Colonel William Mure were first awarded. The medal winners board was formerly located in a small room at the Inn, but following building renovation work the board was moved to Greenacres.

A Club badge was designed in 1964 by Eileen Simpson and is still used on club uniforms worn by members.  


Blast from the past

Uplawmoor Dinner Dance of 1956