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History of the Leggat Salver

The Leggat Salver has the distinction of the being Uplawmoor Curling Club’s premier trophy, as befits such a handsome trophy, presented by James Leggat in 1968 to mark the club’s centenary. 

For around a quarter of century the Leggat Salver was awarded to the team winning the league in the days when teams were picked at the start of the season in September and played together all the way through till the end of the season the following April. 

 That changed in 1992, when the club decided to have a league competition running from September to December, and then to redraw teams for the Spring fixtures, with the Leggat Salver at stake. 

 James Leggat was real stalwart of the club, as evidenced by the fact that he won the Gold Medal for the individual points competition on eight occasions between 1941, and 1973. 

He also won the Leggat Salver in its second year, and again three years later.

 His son Hamish who still lives in the village said: “I remember my Dad was a very keen curler who obviously felt the club needed a new trophy to mark its centenary”.

 “It’s really good to know the trophy is still being played for and held in such high esteem.”

 James Leggat curled regularly with David Carslaw, whose son David also still lives in the village and plays a huge part in village life, and whose Mum Nan was in both of the Leggat rinks that won the Salver.  

Leggat Salver Trophy results

2017/2018 S.Philp P.Forrest A.Bulmer E.Cowie
2018/2019 S.Philp L.Hale J.Telfer L.Fergus
2019/2020 K.Hutchison G.McGrae K.Hutchison R.Telfer
2020/2021 Not played due to COVID-19 pandemic      
2021/2022 K.Hutchison C.McCormack A.Hutchison J.Telfer
2022/2023 No evening play this season