Evening – Doubles Cuillin Quaich

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The history of the Cuillin Quaich

Eileen and Stanley Simpson donated the beautifully proportioned Cullin Quaich to be played for in the annual pairs competition. 

 Eileen and Stanley, both architects, were real stalwarts of the club, and share the unique distinction of being the only husband and wife team to be made Honorary Life Members of Uplawmoor Curling Club. 

 They donated the Cuillin Quaich, named after their home in Glen Lane, and ultimately the famous Skye mountain range, in 1982, when pairs had had become a really popular competition. 

 They played as a team in the doubles, but were unsuccessful in winning the Quaich the first time it was played for in in season 1982/83. But they came roaring back the following year to win the competition and of course the Cuillin Quaich. 

 Apart from her many contributions to Uplawmoor Curling Club Eileen Simpson is remembered for designing the club’s logo featuring the Caldwell Estate watch tower, flanked by a curling stone and twin brooms. 

 Stanley was made an honorary life member of the club when he resigned from Uplawmoor Curling Club to move through to East Lothian to be near his daughter Morna and her family. 

 But the doubles format, which has replaced the pairs competition, is obviously in the family’s genes. Morna’s daughters, and Stanley and Eileen’s granddaughters Gina and Karina Aitken, both excel at the game.

 Gina has won four Scottish mixed doubles titles, and along with playing partner Bruce Mowat was desperately unlucky not to win through to the 2018 Winter Olympics which featured mixed doubles curling for the first time ever. 

Inscribed Winners are:

1982/83 Elizabeth Munro Grant McGregor
1983/84 Eileen Simpson Stanley Simpson
1984/85 Stuart Kennedy Tony Tierney
1985/86 George Craig Michael Pegg
1986/87 John Scott Gilly McRae
1987/88 Grant MacGregor Elizabeth Munro
1988/89 Fraser Erskine Lynda McKenzie
1989/90 Stuart Thomson Ian Thomson
1990/91 T. Tierney F. McGregor
1991/92 K. Thomson I. Thomson
1992/93 R. Bunyon D. Boag
1993/94 T. Tierney F. McGregor
1994/95 B. Scott J. Scott
1995/96 T. Tierney M. Burns
1996/97 J. Pegg P. Douglas
1997/98 L. MacKenzie S. Hansen
1998/99 T. Tierney J. Pegg
1999/00 B. Drummond S. Hansen
2000/01 E. Scott E. Mundell
2001/02 S. Kennedy M. Fraser
2002/03 S. Kennedy A. Stewart
2003/04 T. Tierney C. Tierney
2004/05 T. Tierney P.Douglas
2005/06 T. Tierney A. McKenzie
2006/07 T.Tierney S. Wilson
2007/08 T. Tierney P. Forrest
2008/09 T. Tierney C. Tierney
2009/10 E. Hale P. Forrest
2010/11 J. Scott E. Mundell
2011/12 T. Tierney K. Hutchison
2012/13 T. Tierney J. O’Brien
2013/14 T. Tierney J. O’Brien
2014/15 S. Philp H. Low
2015/16 T. Tierney I. Simpson
2016/17 K. Hutchison R. Souter
2017/18 S. Philp L. Hale
2018/19 A.Hutchison K.Hutchison
2019/20 J.Scott L.Hale
2020/21 Not played due to COVID-19 pandemic  
2021/22 Not played  
2022/23 Not played