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In Greenacres Curling Ice Rink, the winners board for the Gold Medal gives the following excerpt from AGM minutes:

“In the year 1869, Colonel Mure of Caldwell presented to the Uplawmoor Curling Club a Gold Medal to be played for at Points, annually. The winner also to receive a sovereign with the Medal. And if any one member should gain it three times in succession, it becomes his property.”


Points Gold medal board image

Past Winners of the Gold Medal are:

1869 John Gibb
1871 (Jan) James Young
1871 (Dec) James Wilson
1873 Robert Caldwell
1874 John Holm
1875 John Carswell, Snr
1878 John Holm
1879 Robert Caldwell
1880 Robert Carswell
1882 Robert C.B. Watt
1885 Alex. Smith
1886 (Jan) John Carswell, Sen
1886 (Dec) Robert C.B. Watt
1888 Robert Carswell
1890 John Carswell, Sen
1892 (Jan) George Gemmell
1892 (Dec) Robert C.B. Watt
1895 John Carswell, Jun
1897 John Carswell, Jun
1900 William Short
1901 (Feb) John Craig
1901 (Dec) John Carswell, Sen
1909 James Steel
1910 Alex Watson
1912 John Carswell
1916 Alex Whitelaw
1917 Robert Drummond
1926 Wm. Carswell
1927 Robert Howatson
….. ……
2018 K.Hutchison
2019 Jim Patterson
2020 Stewart Philp
2021 Not played due to COVID-19 pandemic
2022 Kirsty Harvey
2023 Christine Furey