Morning – William Glen Aitken Salver

Morning Section

William Glen Aitken Salver was donated by Susan Burns in memory of her father.

Inscribed Winners are:

2013/2014 Liz Hale, Clare McCormick, Helen Taylor, Buff Scott

2014/2015 B.Doward, A.Lees, B.Montgomery, B.Scott

2015/2016 I.Collinson, C.Buchanan, H.Taylor, B.Drummond

2016/2017 A.Howie, C.Buchanan, P.Douglas, A.Hutchison

2017/2018 I.Collinson, P.McTaggart, A.Lees, L.Hale

2018/2019 A.Hutchison, P.Douglas, A.Peffer, A.Howie

2019/2020 I.Collinson, A.Howie, P.McTaggart, E.Mundell

2020/2021 Not played due to COVID-19 pandemic

2021/22 Elsie Mundell, Liz Harris, Anne Evans, Marian Nicol

2022/23 Gilly McRae, Ann Sadler, Anne Marie McGrath, Clare McCormick