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Evening Ouplaymoor Trophy imageThe history of the Ouplaymoor Trophy

In season 1992/93 the club decided to have two league competitions, one played from September to December and the other from January to April. 

 Up till then the league teams were picked in September and played together right through till the following April competing for the Leggat Salver.

 However running two league competitions meant that the club now needed another trophy, and the Ouplaymoor Trophy came into being. 

 It was decided that the Leggat Salver would be competed for in the second half of the season, and that teams would play for the Ouplaymoor Trophy, formerly the NAEL Bonspiel Cup over the Autumn. 

 The first winners were Stuart Kennedy, Grant McGregor, David Boag and Paul Harris, with Lynda McKenzie, Tony Tierney, Bridgett Lawless and Helen Low winning the following season 93/94. 

 Interestingly, it was Tony Tierney who had presented the NAEL trophy to the club when he worked with the Nationwide & Anglia Building Society Ltd.

 However there was a strong feeling in the Club that the new league deserved a new trophy, and the very elegant Ouplaymoor Trophy took its rightful place in the club’s trophy cabinet.

Tony Tierney went on to win the Ouplaymoor Trophy on three occasions between 2001 and 2015. 

But Tony’s close friend and arch-rival on the ice, Stuart Kennedy holds the record by winning the trophy six times between 1992 when it was first played for and 2013.

Inscribed Winners are:

1992/93 S. Kennedy G. McGregor D. Boag P. Harris
1993/94 L. McKenzie T. Tierney B. Lawless H. Low
1994/95 M. Pegg B. Scott M. Fraser H. Low
1995/96 B. Scott T. Tierney G. Wallet I. Simpson
1996/97 J. Pegg M. Burns J. Scott A. Kennedy
1997/98 M. Pegg L. Harris D. Boag E. Mundell
1998/99 S. Kennedy E. Harris M. Simpson A. Aitken
1999/00 L. MacKenzie B. Scott R. Souter P. Douglas
2000/01 S. Kennedy G. McRae R. Souter I. Thomson
2001/02 T. Tierney E. Harris I. Thomson B. Crofts
2002/03 J. Scott G. McRae I. Simpson W. Kennedy
2003/04 I. Thomson T. Tierney P. Douglas K. Pegg
2004/05  J. Scott I. Thomson H. Low S. Low
2005/06 D. Boag E. Harris C. Tierney S. Wilson
2006/07 M. McKenzie S. Hansen S. Wilson E. Hale
2007/08 J. Pegg S. Wilson E. Hale S. Simpson
2008/09 J. Pegg E. Harris J. Boag S. Philp
2009/10 S. Kennedy P. Forrest S. Philp M. O’Kane
2010/11 G. McKenzie S. Philp P. Douglas G. Clacherty
2011/12 T. Tierney D. Boag I. Simpson S. Hansen
2012/13 S. Kennedy L. Harris J. McDiarmid E. Mundell
2013/14 S. Kennedy K. Hutchison L. Harris E. Mundell
2014/15 T. Tierney C. Tierney P. Forrest P. Douglas
2015/16 S. Philp D. Boag I. Simpson  
2016/17 P. Forrest R. Souter L. Harris H. Low
2017/18 S. Philp K. Hutchison A. Hutchison E. Cowie/A. Bulher
2018/19 S.Philp R.Souter J.Boag H.Low
2019/20 S.Philp P.Douglas L.Harris J.Telfer
2020/21 Not played due to COVID
2021/22 R.Souter C.Furey C.McCormick N.Fergus
2022/23 No evening play this season