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Evening Frew TrophyThe history of the Frew Trophy

The Frew Trophy is arguably one of the club’s most striking trophies, featuring as it does a silver curling stone on a wooden plinth. 

 Patricia Erskine who played in the ladies section at the time, donated the trophy to the club in 1982 in memory of her late father Bill Frew who was a prominent and respected curler with Uplawmoor. 

 It is one of the Evening League trophies, and is played under a format intended to give aspiring skips the chance to play in the head and call the shots. In the Frew competition the skip plays at lead and all the other members of the team move up, with the normal third player skipping the team. 

 The trophy is now engraved with around 140 winners’ names, and reads like a who’s who of Uplawmoor Curling Club over the last 35 years. 

 Patricia said: “I am delighted the trophy is still well received. I remember we had an awful job finding something that would make it stand out, and it’s good to know is still popular and keenly contested each year.”

 Patricia’s son Fraser who curls at Greenacres with Reform, was until fairly recently the only member of the family still playing the roaring but Fraser’s nephew, (brother Campbell’s son) has now joined the curling ranks.

 Inscribed Winners are:

1982-83 J. Scott J. McKechnie G. Clacherty S. Kennedy
1983-84 S. McIlwham J. MacGregor I. Robertson S. Kennedy
1984-85 M. Steedman S. McDiarmid R. McCallum S. McIlwham
1985-86 A. Evans T. Tierney G. MacGregor G. Kennedy
1986-87 S. McDiarmid J. Bunyan J. McIlwham G. MacGregor
1987-88 R. Spinks L. Camrass G. McKenzie J. Pegg
1988-89 M. McKenzie G. Gray M. Bunyan M. Pegg
1989-90 S. Thompson C. Campbell M. Fraser J. Bunyan
1990-91 M. McKenzie M.Scoucal H. Low C. McRae
1991-92 J. Crofts D. Boag R. Bunyan J. Bunyan
1992-93 E. Scott B. Lawless B. Drummond J. Bunyan
1993-94 M. Pegg M. Burns J. Dewar S. Kennedy
1994-95 T. Tierney I. Simpson B. Drummond C.Farquhar
1995-96 J. Bunyan S. Hansen S. Burns L. McKenzie
1996-97 E. Scott R. Simpson S. Hughes M. Pegg
1997-98 D. Hughes S. Burns P. Drummond T. Tierney
1998-99 J. Pegg J. Scott M. Steedman D. Hughes
1999-00 B. Scott R. Souter P. Douglas L. McKenzie
2000-01 L. McKenzie M. Burns M. Simpson B. Drummond
2001-02 M. Burns M. Simpson M. Pegg R. Simpson
2002-03 R. Simpson S. Hansen P. Douglas E. Scott
2003-04 W. Kennedy G. Low M. McKenzie J. Pegg
2004-05 E. Harris M. McKenzie J. Boag B. Drummond
2005-06 E. Harris C. Tierney S. Wilson D. Boag
2006-07 S. Hansen S. Wilson E. Hale M. McKenzie
2007-08 S. Wilson E. Hale S. Simpson J. Pegg
2008-09 E. Harris J. Boag S. Philp J. Pegg
2009-10 J. Scott I. Simpson K. Hutchison T. Tierney
2010-11 J. Scott S. Wilson R. Souter T. Tierney
2011-12 B. Scott G. McRae C. McLachlan K. Hutchison
2012-13 J. Pegg S. Hansen J. O’Brien T. Tierney
2013-14 K. Hutchison L. Harris E. Mundell S. Kennedy
2014-15 A. Hutchison G. McKenzie E. Mundell J. McDiarmid
2015-16 T. Tierney J. Boag H. Low JO Pegg
2016-17 E. Mundell G. McRae J. Patterson J. Scott
2017-18 R. Souter S. Hansen H. Low P.Forrest
2018-19 G.McRae C.McCormack N.Fergus P.Forrest
2019-20 G.McRae S.Hansen A.Hutchison J.Scott
2020-21 Not played due to COVID-19 pandemic      
2021-22 K.Harvey J.Patterson L.Fergus K.Hutchison
2022-23 No evening play this season